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Certain Android applications are meant for touch devices and do not function properly on your remote-controlled Fire TV Stick device. This deprives the FireStick users of some good apps. The primary reason why you can’t use such applications is because they are not compatible with your Amazon FireStick remote. However, if there was a way you could use a mouse with FireStick, you could make some of these apps work.
Mouse Toggle for fire tv 1.11

There are 2 different versions of Mouse Toggle. This is because sometimes the newest version doesn’t seem to work. So if upon trying this you find it doesn’t work, go back to the downloads page and try version 1.06 or version 1.5.2. But this this version is designed for Firestick devices.  You can simply double click the play button to activate the mouse feature and you’re set. This version is Mouse Toggle Amazon Firestick. Get more apps like this from our Downloads Section.

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Mouse Toggle for Fire TV v1.11

Download “Mouse Toggle 1.11” Mouse%20Toggle-v1.11.apk – Downloaded 11010 times – 2 MB

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